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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics of the Queensland Greens

Commitment to common goals and beliefs

Members of the Queensland Greens will have a commitment to the Queensland Greens, its Constitution, policies, and the four fundamental principles, which are:

  • ecological sustainability
  • social and economic justice
  • grassroots democracy
  • peace, non-violence, and disarmament

Empowered and authorised

The names the Green’s Qld and the Queensland Greens may not be used without the approval of the Queensland Greens State Council for any publicity, negotiations with any organisation or person who is not a member of the Queensland Greens, or for the acquisition of goods and services.

Tolerant and accepting of differences
Members of the Queensland Greens will not demean any person or group on the basis of ethnicity, nationality, race, gender, sexual preference, religion, age, or physical or mental disability.

Safe, polite and friendly
Consistent with the four fundamental Green principles, members will, when involved in activities on behalf of the Queensland Greens, avoid prejudice and profane language, and will not engage in conduct which is violent, threatening, disrespectful or manipulative.

Members will ensure that any confidential information they may gain as members of the Queensland Greens will remain confidential.

Truthfulness and sincerity
Members will at all times speak truth fully to the best of their knowledge, and will strive to provide their best endeavours to any task they undertake on behalf of the Queensland Greens in order to maximise the benefit of their involvement to all concerned.

Constructive feedback
Members undertake not to publicly criticise the Queensland Greens, its office-bearers, candidates, spokespeople or parliamentary representatives, but to direct any criticism through means available within the Queensland Greens. If a dispute arises which is not resolved after direct communication between the people involved, any conflict resolution procedure established by the Queensland Greens shall he observed.

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