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Greens propose Carbon tax as interim measure

The Australian Greens are proposing that the federal government introduce a $20/tonne carbon tax as a two year interim measure while an Emissions Trading Scheme can be agreed upon. The Greens are proposing that Professor Ross Garnaut's suggestion of a two year carbon price, fixed at $20 a tonne, be implemented. This interim measure in the transition to a functional and effective Emissions Trading Scheme would provide a $5 billion dividend for households and further revenue to invest in renewable energy, energy efficiency and other emissions reducing options.
Greens propose Carbon tax as interim measure

Photo of wind turbine licensed under Creative Commons Attribution by skyseeker (Flickr)

Bob Brown, leader of the Australian Greens, says "We Greens are putting forward another positive proposal to break the political deadlock and get Australia moving ahead to a clean future". The Liberal Party's refusal to support the government's Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme provides an opportunity to take a new approach immediately, giving Australian industry and households some amount of certainty while work continues on more substantive action.

The proposal (details available on request) would:

  • use the existing CPRS structure with a carbon price fixed at $20 a tonne (2005 dollars);
  • recycle revenue to support household, commercial, industrial and transport emissions reductions;
  • prevent the use of international offsets in the CPRS, as international trading is not possible in the interim fixed-price period;
  • be in surplus rather than deficit in the first two years; and
  • get moving immediately, bringing the start date back to July 1 2010.
You can read more about the Australian Greens' proposal on the Australian Greens' website and find information on the Safe Climate Bill at the Greens' MPs' website

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