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Greens support Dollars for Discoveries

Queensland Greens Senator-Elect Larissa Waters, will join the Brisbane Rally for Research, protesting the false economy of medical research budget cuts.

The rally scheduled for midday Tuesday 19th April, in central Brisbane's King George Square, follows a cabinet leak confirming government plans to cut funding for to Australia’s medical research in the upcoming budget.

Flyer Rally for Research

The intended cuts will come from the budget of the National Health and Medical Research Council’s [NHMRC], Australia's the peak body for funding medical research.

Medical research groups have called rally to highlight the value of the NHMRC's work, and protest the false economy of making these cuts from such medically, socially and economically beneficial research.

The NHMRC currently commits around $700 million each year to fund Australian health and medical research. 

A cut to this budget could consequently effect all Australians, by risking;

  • your future access to the health benefits of medical research, as Australians are usually the first to benefit from local medical research breakthroughs
  • the long-term investments made by previous governments, where research projects take years to come to fruition
  • the retention of Australia’s best scientists, to the detriment of future national research capacity
  • jobs, as the NHMRC directly supported 8000 research jobs in 2010.


Queensland has a strong record of delivering successful medical research projects with NHMRC support. Some better known examples, producing both local employment and health gains for Queensland and international patients include;

  • The long-term study of the human papilloma virus [HPV] and Professor Ian Frazer’s development of the first cervical cancer vaccine, Gardasil [The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute]
  • The therapeutic development for spinal cord injuries [Eskitis Institute]
  • Research at the Queensland Institute for Medical Research [QIMR] and the UQ into ataxia-telangiectasia [A-T], a debilitating childhood disease, that has been instrumental in the establishment of a clinic at the Royal Children’s Hospital for treatment and management of this disorder.
  • Life saving immunotherapy trials for advanced melanoma patients [QIMR]


A significant NHMRC budget cut means Queensland may lose projects like these in the future. 

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