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Introducing a people's Senator

As the date of swearing in approaches for Senator-Elect Larissa Waters, the Courier Mail has published a comprehensive profile introducing Queensland's newest Senator: 'Green Light in Canberra'.
Introducing a people's Senator

Larissa with fellow Queensland Greens, Dr. Sandra Bayley and Adam Stone, showing support for a carbon tax in Brisbane, 2011.

The article canvasses Ms. Waters' views on the carbon tax, her priorities as an incoming Senator, and the people aspects of campaigning;

"It's a whole spectrum of things that people want to talk to you about, and I love that," she says. "I really enjoy that human interaction. Feeling that you can be part of making a change for the better for those people.

"It's nice to remember that. I think when I'm down in Canberra, it feels like a bit of a bubble, and there's all these people shouting insults at each other across the chamber. That's not real. That's just an artificial construct. What's real is the people here today who want a better world and want a bit more heart from their representatives. So I'm going to hang on to that, when I'm there in those big leather chairs helping to write our laws."

Waters, a former environmental lawyer who worked at the Environmental Defenders Office for eight years, will be officially sworn in in Canberra on Monday, July 4. It's a date she has been waiting for since being elected in August, 2010, with 12.8 per cent of the vote.

Read the full article by Sally Brown here: Green Light in Canberra





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