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Introducing Tim Dangerfield

Biography and policy statement for Greens local council candidate for the Walter Taylor ward, Tim Dangerfield.

I have lived my whole life in Walter Taylor – growing up in Chapel Hill, attending Fig Tree Pocket State School and Indooroopilly State High School and studying Law and Political Science at the University of Queensland.

I still live in Indooroopilly and work as a lawyer in local government and property law. I want to represent Walter Taylor because I have seen the problems with planning and transport continue to mount in the area. The western suburbs always seem to be bypassed for major investment in favour of the northern and southern suburbs.

My interest in planning has grown stronger as I have seen the changes and challenges that Walter Taylor has faced, and that will only become more pressing in the future.

I was a delegate to the current Brisbane City Council administration’s CityShape conference and a member of the CityShape Reference Group. More recently I have participated in the two neighbourhood planning workshops for the Indooroopilly Centre Neighbourhood Plan.

As a Councillor I would aim to create a more energy efficient city with a more cohesive community that strives to reduce its impact on the environment.

I believe local transport and planning is an area where we can make a significant difference to our impact on the Earth’s climate.

There have been some good projects in Brisbane but often this is window dressing on an otherwise "business as usual" approach to transport and planning such as the removal of the Coronation Drive bus lane, new developments that are surrounded by open-air carparks, private vehicular traffic favoured over public and active transport and excessive electricity use for lighting, advertising and air-conditioning.

I want to see our planning system changed to move back towards the less energy-intensive way we used to live – natural light and ventilation, shops within walking distance and greater use of public transport.

Specifically for Walter Taylor I would push for energy efficient design, pedestrian and cycle friendly public spaces and increased frequency for bus routes. Research from the 1980s has shown that the critical frequency for dramatic increases in public transport use is 8 minutes or higher. We need to increase our main bus routes to at least this frequency for most of the day and evening and re-establish an inbound bus lane on Coronation Drive.

As a Councillor I would also work with the State and Federal governments to increase train frequencies and plan for a comprehensive light rail system in Brisbane.

My other interest is community engagement, and I will work hard to encourage the local community to take more responsibility for helping each other and reducing our impact on the environment. It is critical to build support for a more efficient city at the grassroots level.

In short, I would be a Councillor who plans for the long-term health of the community and the environment and I am not just focussed on winning the next election.

Tim Dangerfield is the Queensland Greens candidate for the Walter Taylor by-election in Brisbane City Council on October 23 2010.

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