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People needs facts to decide on tax

Listen to ABC 612 drive tonight to hear Larissa Waters debate anti-carbon tax campaigners on the merits of acting on climate change.

Senator-elect Larissa Waters conducted an interview with ABC 612 today,  Friday 6th May, joining a debate on the proposed carbon tax to be aired on the eve of the Brisbane No Carbon Tax rally.

The No Carbon Tax rally follows the pro carbon tax Climate Action Rally in Brisbane last April, which drew thousands of supporters.

In interview, Ms. Waters supported opponents of the carbon tax in hosting tomorrow's protest, acknowledging the importance of active democracies.

Ms. Waters also highlighted politicians’ responsibilities to communicate policies and their effects to voters, stating that the proposed carbon tax is a tax on polluters not households, intended as an interim measure until a comprehensive ETS can be reached.

To hear the full debate, including more from Larissa and organizers of the No Carbon Tax rally, tune in to ABC 612 from 5pm this evening.

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