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Queensland welcomes Green Days of Climate Action

Queensland Greens members were met with public enthusiasm on their initial Queensland State Wide Day of Climate Action, Saturday July 23rd.
Queensland welcomes Green Days of Climate Action

Senator Larissa Waters discusses the price on pollution with market goers in Brisbane

The day mobilized members of the state’s fastest growing party in 30 actions from Cairns to the Gold Coast, marking the start of a continuous campaign by the Queensland Greens to engage local communities on the need to support a carbon price.

Led by Australian Greens Senator for Queensland, Larissa Waters, actions extended over the weekend with members speaking at rallies [Toowoomba], festivals [Mackay-Whitsundays], on regional and National news [Townsville, Ipswich, Sandgate, Brisbane, Mackay-Whitsundays], hosting workshops [Ipswich], staging marches [Sandgate, Scenic-Rim] letterboxing, collecting petitions and holding public information stalls [state wide].

Overall, the Queensland Greens personally contacted over 40 000 people with information promoting sensible climate action to deliver economic and environmental security for current and future Queenslanders.

Day of Climate Action composite

Clockwise from top left: Jonathan Dykyj speaks to locals in Mackay, Redlands Greens street stall team, Frida Forsberg arrives at the Say YES! rally Toowoomba, West Brisbane Greens host a roadside action.

Public responses were far more positive than not, generating much discussion of how a carbon tax would affect householders. 

Under the Carbon Price Agreement 
  • The biggest polluters nationally will have to account for their pollution and pay the government $23 per tonne.
  • Revenue raised will be used to help householders with rising costs of living and invest in climate change programs such as making renewable energy cheaper.
  • While Tony Abbott's plan would slug householders $720 a year to pay polluters, the Greens approach will deliver compensation to vulnerable householders.
  • Over time, you will get the benefits of cheaper clean energy, cleaner air, a safer climate and a thriving economy.

With the impacts of coal mining threatening Queensland’s major agricultural and tourism industries, questions about transitioning the Sunshine state to renewable energy also dominated community interest.

The Greens want to transform our economy to 100% renewable energy as fast as possible. The price on pollution is a necessary start in making renewable energy cheaper while creating jobs in new, cleaner energy industries.

“Whilst putting a price on pollution to reduce it and to make clean energy cheaper is an important and significant first step, there are a range of other measures that are being put in place also,” said Jonathan Dykyj, Queensland Greens candidate for Mackay.

“Increased energy efficiency, smarter transport, better land use and investing in renewables are just some of the complimentary measures to the market pricing of pollution.”

Building a clean energy economy will create far more jobs than will be lost from the old, polluting industries, and many of the jobs will need the same skills.

What can I do to support a carbon price?


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