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Saying no to "ping pong" with refugee lives

A crowd of 200-plus supporters joined Queensland Greens candidates Larissa Waters, Andrew Bartlett and Elissa Jenkins at the World Refugee Day rally in Brisbane last Sunday, calling for greater recognition of refugee rights in the lead up to the federal election.
Saying no to "ping pong" with refugee lives

Andrew Bartlett and Larissa Waters play ping pong at the World Refugee Day rally, Brisbane

On a day celebrating the courage of refugees worldwide, rally attendees were moved by the bravery of Hazara refugee Chaman Shah Nasiri sharing his experience of fleeing persecution, and the testimony of health worker Dr. Alison Stewart on the mental trauma faced by asylum seekers in long-term immigration detention.

Greens supporters also lightened the mood with a ping pong match in Brisbane Square, aimed at reminding the major parties that asylum seekers are real people escaping torture and war, not targets for political "ping pong" games of fear mongering and misinformation.

Earlier in the week, Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young had moved the Senate to recognize World Refugee Day and Australia's obligations to protect asylum seekers, by lifting the freeze on claims by applicants from Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Read about the Australian Greens refugee policy on the Australian Greens website.

More photos of the rally are on the Queensland Greens' Flikr page.

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