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Walk Against Warming 2010 - Greens out in force

For the second time in two days, Greens took to the streets of Brisbane on Sunday August 15 - this time for the annual Walk Against Warming.

Greens candidates and supporters were among thousands on the march in Brisbane and across Australia, calling for stronger government action on climate change.

Senate candidate Larissa Waters and candidate for Brisbane Andrew Barlett helped lead the Brisbane march.

The Greens are the only major party that promises real action on climate change. Read our climate change and energy policy to find out why.

Reports on the Brisbane march is available in the Brisbane Times: When good neighbours become good campaigners and Walkers send not-too-warm message to pollies on climate.

See also the Greens media release, Greens join Walk Against Warming.

More pictures from the march are on the Queensland Greens Flickr site.

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