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Warren Truss and the Greens' fishing policy

Mr Truss should stop misinforming Queenslanders about the Greens fishing policy. He cannot know what the Federal Government will do under the Marine Parks inquiry until the reports come in.

The Nationals, under Senator Boswell and Mr Truss, have whipped up hysteria in response to the patent need to manage Australian fisheries. They and their supporters in the industry have been less than honest in their portrayal of our fishing policy.

The Nationals' policy states that "greater care must be taken to ensure these delicate eco systems are protected." But the Nationals have no plans for managing Australia's fisheries and their subversive campaign against the review is against the national interest with respect to the future of seafood resources and contrary to their own broad statement on fisheries.

The Greens' comprehensive fishing policy can be accessed online at

Jim McDonald is the Greens Spokesperson for the Wide Bay electorate. 

This is a response to "Labor-Greens alliance threatens jobs in Wide Bay".

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