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Australian wildlife moving closer to extinction

13 December 2011 - The State of the Environment report released yesterday reveals that most of Australia’s plants and animals are on the path to extinction, Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.

The report also acknowledged from the outset that the environment was a national issue that required national leadership.

“The call for national leadership is completely at odds with the Federal Government’s intention to delegate many environmental protection powers to the states,” Senator Waters said.

“This is why I’ve introduced my water bill, which would give the Federal Government the power to protect water from mining operations at the national level and demonstrate the greater environmental leadership which is so desperately needed.

“I have also introduced a bill to allow newly discovered species to be emergency-listed as threatened, so they can receive immediate protection.

“The report also recognised that port development and shipping accidents pose a major threat to our marine environments – a timely warning for the Government to stop treating the Great Barrier Reef as a coal and gas highway.

“Australia’s unique and precious wildlife is daily sliding closer to extinction – if the Government has any intention at all of preventing this crisis, it will support my two bills and take the strong action necessary to protect our wildlife and our environment.”

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