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Coal, coal seam gas and climate change are the Greens' key issues for an election

If, as expected, Anna Bligh calls an early election, the Greens will be making the failure of both major parties to protect the Queensland environment from the threats of coal, coal seam gas and climate change a major election issue.

Queensland Greens spokesperson Dr Libby Connors said both Labor and LNP had decided to support the uncontrolled exploitation of the Queensland environment by letting open cut coal mines and coal seam gas mining on food bowl areas like the Darling Downs.

"The Bligh government has given the go-ahead to the major coal seam gas projects regardless of their inability to predict outcomes for the Great Artesian Basin and the LNP has supported them all the way," Dr Connors said.

"They are also approving massive open cut coal mines on some of our best agricultural land. The most recent of these was the approval for Xstrata's mine at Wandoan where another five such mines are also planned.

"At last count I could see twenty coal mines for the Darling Downs alone.
"Labor and LNP are full of talk about how they will protect the land and water but we see nothing in terms of policy."

Dr Connors said the Greens would be putting forward policies in these areas during the election campaign. These would protect good agricultural land, place a moratorium on the coal seam gas industry until all social and environmental impacts were understood and give landholders far greater rights.

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