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Energy White Paper ignores CSG costs

13 December 2011 - The draft white energy paper released today spruiks the benefits of coal seam gas without recognising any of its devastating costs, Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.

“This paper appears to have been written by someone living in a last-century bubble, with no consideration of the impacts of coal seam gas beyond the industry spin,” Senator Waters said.

“How can you possibly plan for Australia’s energy future without factoring in the true costs of this energy source – the costs to water, to land, the environment and the climate, as well as the economic impacts on other industries?

“We still have no independent life-cycle analysis of the full greenhouse gas emissions from CSG, which makes the claim that CSG is a more climate-friendly energy source both highly questionable and alarming.

“The paper flies in the face of the recent Senate inquiry report into CSG, which found the risks CSG posed to groundwater so high that it recommended a moratorium on CSG operations until the science is in.

“No amount of spin about short-term economic benefits of CSG can hide the long-term costs of this fossil fuel to our environment and our economy.”

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