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Greens say bring on Carbon Price referendum

Dr Sandra Bayley, Greens candidate for Ashgrove has welcomed Campbell Newman's desire to make the carbon tax a state election issue.

“The passing of the Clean Energy Future legislative package in the Senate last week was a historic moment and the result of a lot of committed work by dedicated volunteers, many of whom live in Ashgrove", Dr Bayley said.

"The Greens have long supported a price on pollution. We agree with the majority of economists that it's the most likely way to change people's behavior to reduce carbon emissions."

"Campbell Newman however has said that he wants to turn the state election into a referendum on the carbon price."

"I say bring it on"

“I call on Campbell Newman to name any economist or environmentalist who supports the coalition’s Direct Action Policy.”

“The evidence suggests that most credible economists view the Direct Action Policy as inefficient and a considerably more expensive way of achieving the agreed emissions reduction target."

“The question for Campbell Newman is, is he going to support the federal coalition's policy?”

“The educated Ashgrove electorate understands the historic significance for a safe future of the legislation passed last week.”

“That’s why I’m confident an increasing number will vote 1 Greens in Ashgrove at the next election”, Dr Bayley said.

Media: contact Sandra Bayley (details below) or Helen Fairweather on 0401839506.

Media Release, Queensland Greens 13 November 2011

Sandra Bayley Greens Candidate for Ashgrove

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