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Japanese Visitors provide first-hand account of the world’s worst nuclear accident at Fukushima

This weekend Australian Greens National Council delegates will be hearing first-hand about the world’s worst nuclear accident from long time Japanese anti-nuclear activists Mr Rikiya Adachi who recently toured the Fukushima area and Ms Namiho Matsumoto who is active in the regional Green Energy No-Nukes Asia Pacific Group.

Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said the party, which is hosting the Greens National Council in Brisbane on July 9-10, was delighted at the opportunity to hear informed voices of hope directly from Japan.

"Despite experiencing our own flood and cyclone disasters at the beginning of the year, Queenslanders cried with the Japanese in the aftermath of the horrific tsunami and continue to empathise with the fall-out of the natural and man-made disasters.

"What makes this presentation special is the hope Rikiya and Namiho bring with them that nuclear energy is no longer needed to power Japan.

"Their presentation will also focus on very practical disaster-management measures that could be put in place to mitigate continued harm to the Japanese people," she said.

Mr Adachi, a long-term Japanese Greens member, has been very involved in the Fukushima campaign and will share his concerns after visiting the affected area with a Greens member of German Parliament.

“The lack of information in the affected area has delayed the necessary evacuation.

"Moreover, the government raised the limit of the exposure dose of radiation to 20 times higher than the normal level.

"It is too risky especially for children and expectant mothers,” Mr Adachi said.

“So I call on people all around the world to put pressure on the Japanese government to release all the information they have and to put the exposure limit back to the normal level so that people, especially those who are physically and socially vulnerable can be saved," he said.

In addition, the Japanese Greens have released a statement calling for an expansion of the mandatory evacuation zone so that the indoor zone of 20 to 30km is upgraded to a mandatory evacuation area and it calls on the Japanese government to:

- Provide infants, toddlers, and school children, and their guardians, and expectant mothers with prioritised evacuation and

- Organise protective measures for relief workers including teaching and training for radiation and radioactive protection, screening, and decontamination.

Media Interview Opportunities:

Rikiya and Namiho are available to media for interview on Friday and over the weekend. To arrange an interview please call Australian Greens Global Issues Group - Miriam on 0412 421 763 or Elissa on 0418 786 986.

Libby Connors is also available for comment on 0429 487 110.


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