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Katter’s coal seam gas stance very welcome in Ashgrove, says Dr Sandra Bayley.

Dr Sandra Bayley, the Greens candidate for Ashgrove, admits it is a surprise that a conservative voice like Katter’s Australia Party aligns with the Greens, who have a really strong and established position on coal seam gas.

‘As I have been door knocking the electorate and talking to people in the streets it is very apparent that most people know about coal seam gas and are very concerned about it' said Dr Sandra Bayley.  "They don't like the fact that exploration permits are potentially available over 80% of Queensland or that this gas is predominantly for export"

‘This is an educated electorate and many agree that a moratorium is called for on all coal seam gas mining in Queensland until the impacts of the operations on the Great Artesian Basin and our food bowl are known.’

‘The only way the voters of Queensland are going to get a moratorium is NOT to vote for the major parties. Only the Greens have been consistent in policy and public statements about the need to pause and assess this industry before it develops further.’

‘The current government admits that there will be impacts, but it is now in the hands of the voters to decide if they believe those impacts are acceptable given the relatively small gains that will be made from this short-term industry’.

Dr Bayley states that the royalties are a small fraction of Queensland’s overall budget.  The additional economic flow-on effects would also be achieved with a plan to become 100% renewable. (As an example see the Beyond Zero Emissions Stationary Energy Plan at

‘There is no doubt that moving to 100% renewable would be a lot more difficult to implement, but it is in my view the only responsible path we should be going down’ Dr Bayley pointed out.

‘A renewable energy plan will enable Queensland to become a net exporter of our innovation, rather that an exporter of our rich natural heritage, which is the case with the coal seam gas plan.’

For more information, please contact Sandra Bayley (details below) or Helen Fairweather on 0401839506.

Media Release 21 November 2011

Sandra Bayley, Queensland Greens Candidate for Ashgrove

Media contact Ph: 07 3366 2393 or email Sandra


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