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Media Release x-conference/x-cooltalk Queensland Greens launch new campaign office
15 December 2011 - The Queensland Greens officially opened their new state election campaign office today, in the inner Brisbane suburb of Ashgrove.
Media Release text/texmacs Energy White Paper ignores CSG costs
13 December 2011 - The draft white energy paper released today spruiks the benefits of coal seam gas without recognising any of its devastating costs, Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Australian wildlife moving closer to extinction
13 December 2011 - The State of the Environment report released yesterday reveals that most of Australia’s plants and animals are on the path to extinction, Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release A broad church of resistance to CSG
12 December 2011 - Australian Greens environment spokesperson Larissa Waters today welcomed calls by Carmelite nuns in New South Wales to stop drilling for coal seam gas and back renewable energies instead.
Media Release Fracking pollution danger proven a reality
10 December 2011 - Yesterday's study by the Environmental Protection Agency in the US proving beyond doubt that coal seam gas fracking has contaminated water resources in Wyoming should be a wake up call for Australians, Greens spokesperson for mining Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Harmonised CSG standards still need feds
9 December 2011-Today's announcement of a work plan towards harmonised standards for coal seam gas by the Standing Council on Energy and Resources (SCER) is a cop out by the federal government, said Australian Greens Senator and mining spokesperson Larissa Waters.
Media Release text/x-sh Laws left behind by CSG rush
9 December 2011 - The decision of the Dalby Magistrates Court to find Drew Hutton, president of the Lock the Gate Alliance, guilty of obstructing the operations of a coal seam gas company was proof that the law is stacked in favour of the fossil fuel giants, the Australian Greens said today.
Media Release Troff document CSG regulation far from robust
8 December 2011 - Claims by mining barons at this week’s International Gas Symposium that the coal seam gas industry is already extensively and robustly regulated are nothing but hot air, Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release International Energy Agency alarmed about CSG
8 December 2011 - Australian Greens Senator Larissa Waters today welcomed the recognition by International Energy Agency (IEA) chief economist Fatih Birol that Australia’s current regulatory frameworks for the coal seam gas industry were lax and cause for concern.
Media Release Greens support Lock the Gate President in CSG court case
Wednesday, 7 December 2011-Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and mining spokesperson Larissa Waters will attend a rally in Dalby today to support Drew Hutton, President of the Lock the Gate Alliance, in his appearance before the Magistrates Court.
Media Release Queensland Greens congratulate the Parliament on civil unions bill
1 December 2011 - The Queensland Greens have congratulated the Queensland Parliament on passing Andrew Fraser’s civil unions bill. ‘
Media Release Burke must reject Abbot Point port climate disaster
01 December 2011 - Federal Environment Minister Tony Burke must use his powers to reject the Abbot Point coal export terminal now that the Queensland Government has given it the go ahead, the Australian Greens said today.
Media Release New support for CSG moratorium from all parties
Wednesday, 30 November 2011-The Coal Seam Gas Inquiry Report released today by the Senate Committee on Rural Affairs and Transport has recommended a complete review of the Government’s “jump first, fix later” approach to the risky coal seam gas industry.
Media Release More support needed for farmers to ditch toxic chemicals
29 November 2011 - Greater support for farmers to take up alternative farming practices and less toxic chemicals is needed to protect the Great Barrier Reef, following yesterday’s four month partial suspension of the toxic herbicide Diuron by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).
Media Release Murray Darling Basin to be sacrificed for CSG
28 November 2011 - The risky coal seam gas industry looks set to secure millions of litres of groundwater from the Murray Darling Basin while the environment misses out, Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release APPEA running scared on CSG
25 November 2011 - The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) has been thrown into a panic over the ABC’s new online research project on coal seam gas mining, Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Half measures for Coral Sea protection
25 November 2011 - Only half of the Coral Sea is proposed to be fully protected in the Government’s draft plan released today, which is a missed opportunity to create the world’s largest marine national park, Queensland Senator and Coral Sea spokesperson Larissa Waters said.
Media Release Environment Minister caught out twice in one day on csg water
24 November 2011 -Queensland’s novice Minister for the Environment Vicky Darling admitted in an evening news interview that she was unaware that her department had approved the discharge of treated csg water to the Condamine River (and Murray Darling system) which is harmful to aquatic ecosystems.
Media Release image/x-jg Queensland’s CSG bribe not smart
24 November 2011 - Queenslanders won’t be fooled by a blatant attempt to buy their support for the runaway coal seam gas industry, Australian Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release text/texmacs Major parties think they can bribe electorate into accepting bad coal and gas developments
23 November 2011 - The Queensland Greens say that announcements by both major parties today indicate they are not stepping back from full commitment to the mining and gas sectors but believe they can bribe Queenslanders into accepting the loss of basic resources.

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