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Media Release Greens population motion passes Senate
1 November 2011 - The Australian Senate has today agreed, without division, to the Greens’ motion for Australia to take a lead role in devising how we globally accommodate an inevitably greater population within our finite planetary boundaries.
Media Release Greens act to protect water from coal seam gas
Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters will introduce a bill into the Senate today to give protection to Australian water resources from mining, including coal seam gas.
Media Release Qld Greens welcome defection over CSG
The Queensland Greens today welcomed Shane Knuth's defection from the LNP over its pro-coal seam gas position.
Media Release Gladstone fish still very sick
The latest Fisheries Queensland report published on the government website indicates that the vast majority of fish are still not healthy.
Media Release Streamlining gas approvals: community ignored again
The Queensland Greens have criticised the state government’s streamlining of resource approvals process stating that its relationship with the mining and gas sectors is too close.
Media Release Stop wasting public money on carbon capture and storage
The Queensland Greens have expressed exasperation with continued public funding of carbon capture and storage research in the wake of the collapse of the Queensland Government's ZeroGen project.
Media Release Troff document Protection of nature refuges must be put beyond doubt
Waratah Coal's proposal to turn Bimblebox Nature Refuge into a coal mine has prompted the Queensland Greens to renew calls for an urgent amendment to the Nature Conservation Act to ensure nature refuges are protected from mining.
Media Release ALP unity needed to overcome LNP inconsistency on civil unions
The Queensland Greens have urged the ALP to also vote as a bloc to ensure passage of Mr. Fraser's civil unions bill in the face of unified LNP opposition.
Media Release Coal seam gas spin reaches new lows
26 October 2011 - The misrepresentation of Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery’s remarks about coal seam gas is another unfortunate example of CSG spin failing to acknowledge community and scientific concerns, Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Fraser's civil unions bill a welcome step in right direction
The Queensland Greens have welcomed the Deputy Premier's push to legislate to allow civil unions for gay couples.
Media Release More gas-fired power a missed opportunity
The Queensland Greens expressed disappointment at the missed opportunity represented by today's announcement of two new gas-fired power stations in Ipswich and Gladstone.
Media Release Cougar litigation highlights Govt mistakes
Reports that Cougar Energy intends to sue Queensland government ministers not just bureaucratic heads highlight the weakness in the state government’s policy approach to the coal and gas sectors according to the Queensland Greens.
Media Release chemical/x-pdb Greens launch anti-CSG tv advertisement
The Queensland Greens today launched a television advertisement warning of the dangers the coal seam gas industry poses to the underground water resources that sustain life and agriculture in inland Queensland.
Media Release Fate of Bimblebox Nature Refuge hangs in the balance
21 October 2011 - Bimblebox Nature Refuge, a precious 8,000 hectare ecological sanctuary part-established with taxpayers’ money, is under threat from a proposed 30 megatonne open cut coal mine which would directly destroy over half of the refuge.
Media Release D source code Greens fight coal seam gas in Queensland
20 October 2011 - Australian Greens Leader Bob Brown and Queensland Senator Larissa Waters today joined Queensland Greens state election candidates Adam Stone and Dr Sandra Bayley, and Libby Connors of Queensland Rural and Regional Greens, at the launch of the new television commercial against coal seam gas.
Media Release Ministers Wallace and Darling, please explain.
The Queensland Greens said the release of the second interim report on Gladstone Fish Health from Biosecurity Queensland provided further evidence that Minister Craig Wallace had acted precipitately in opening the harbour.
Media Release Australian communities say No to coal seam gas
16 October 2011 - All around the country today, ordinary Australians are standing up to defend our groundwater, land and environment from the rapidly spreading coal seam gas industry.
Media Release Queensland Greens join National Day of Action on CSG
The Queensland Greens have endorsed the National Day of Action on coalseam gas and will be hosting a series of actions before, during and after this Sunday’s rally.
Media Release Pascal source code Greens move to beef up laws for crab and shrimp
13 October 2011 - Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters is introducing a bill today for emergency protection of newly discovered species.
Media Release D source code Rena and Pacific Adventurer timely reminders of risks ahead for Queensland
The twin coastal shipping tragedies of the leaking container ship in the Bay of Plenty, and the current trial of the owners of the Pacific Adventurer whose oil damaged Moreton Island beaches in March 2009, should give Queenslanders pause to re-consider the direction the state government is taking the Queensland economy, the Queensland Greens said today.

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