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Media Release Dodgy dredging data shouldn’t justify lifting of fishing ban
6 October 2011 - Medical experts say authorities are risking public health by relying on incomplete water quality data to lift the Gladstone harbour fishing ban tomorrow, Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Environment to become ‘one stop shop’ for big business
2 October 2011 - Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters today warned that the Coalition is set to back the Government in watering down federal environmental laws to appease big business.
Media Release Dredging halt a win for Gladstone Harbour
2 October 2011 - The decision to halt one of the dredging operations in Gladstone Harbour follows the call by Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters and local fishers to suspend dredging in the World Heritage listed area in the wake of the unfolding environmental crisis.
Media Release Suspend dredging until Gladstone environmental crisis is understood: Greens
27 September 2011 - Australian Greens environment spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters today re-affirmed the Greens’ call to suspend mass dredging in Gladstone Harbour until its potential link with the unfolding environmental crisis has been determined.
Media Release Labor and Coalition back miners over farmers
22 September 2011 - Australian farmers look set to be denied the right to say no to coal seam gas on their land, as Labor, Liberal and National parties today spoke against a Greens bill previously introduced by Queensland Senator Larissa Waters.
Media Release Greens win extra $5 Million to support child care services
20 September 2011 - The Australian Greens have secured grants for more than 200 child care centres in Queensland, to provide vital services for Queensland parents and families.
Media Release QWC announcement policy on the run
The Queensland Greens have responded cautiously to the latest announcement on coal seam gas groundwater impacts from state Environment Minister Vicky Darling today.
Media Release Government commitment needed to save species from extinction
14 September 2011 - Today the Greens will call on the Government to reverse the decline of biodiversity in Australia and stop the approval of developments that push an already vulnerable species closer to extinction.
Media Release Another gas blow out on the Downs proves residents’ concerns are legitimate
The Queensland Greens have responded to the latest blowout from a gas well-head on private property on the Darling Downs by repeating the call for a moratorium to allow full health and other studies to be undertaken.
Media Release Old parties back coal seam gas over farmers
13 September 2011 - The Greens motion for a moratorium on coal seam gas until its long-term impacts are better understood was roundly defeated as the old parties caved in to powerful multi-national interests in the Senate today.
Media Release Time for Labor and Coalition to go on the record about coal seam gas
13 September 2011 - The Greens mining spokesperson Senator Larissa Waters will move for a moratorium on coal seam gas in the Senate today, providing both Labor and the Coalition an opportunity to show where they stand.
Media Release Government must explain roll back of Great Barrier Reef protection
12 September 2011 - The Government must explain to the Australian public how and why critical protections of the Torres Strait abutting the Great Barrier Reef were watered down in 2009, as revealed in US embassy cables exposed by Wikileaks.
Media Release Good waste policy undermined by CSG
The Queensland Greens today used the opportunity to appear before the state parliament’s Environment, Agriculture, Resources and Energy Committee to object to provisions in a new Waste Reduction and Recycling Bill which will allow treated CSG water to be released to Queensland waterways including those which provide drinking water supplies.
Media Release Call for greater protection on National Threatened Species Day
7 September 2011 - There are less than 1500 southern cassowaries left in the wild, and the iconic bird is listed as one of 1,785 nationally threatened plant and animal species in Australia.
Media Release D source code PR spin on coal seam gas to be closely watched
5 September 2011 - Any false claims made by the public relations campaign to put a positive spin on coal seam gas will be immediately reported to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission, Australian Greens spokesperson for mining Senator Larissa Waters said today.
Media Release Media Release: Adani Coal
Today a group of Green protesters gathered in Bowen to draw attention to the latest addition to Bligh’s plan to develop Queensland coal resources: Adani Enterprises Ltd’s $10 billion Carmichael Coal and Rail Project.
Media Release 130 turtle deaths at Gladstone?
The discovery of 11 dead turtles on Facing Island in Gladstone Harbour on Saturday could take the cumulative death count to 130, according to the Queensland Greens. A week ago Environment Minister Vicky Darling released a list of marine animal deaths at Gladstone for 2011 which included 119 turtles.
Media Release Electoral system education could end the preference name calling
The Queensland Greens today called on the major parties, especially the LNP's Campbell Newman, to stop misleading voters over Queensland's non-compulsory preferential voting system.
Media Release application/x-troff-ms Greens sound warning bell on federal environmental law reforms
24 August 2011 - Today’s response to the 10 yearly review of Australia’s federal environment laws contained some positives but no big ticket items, and some alarming developments regarding offsets and the streamlining of development assessment.
Media Release 119 turtle, 8 dugong, 5 dolphin deaths – what will it be after the port expansions?
The Queensland Greens say that figures of marine animal deaths released by Environment Minister Vicky Darling highlight a further downside to the coal and gas developments gripping the state.

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