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Small step on CSG oversight welcome

The Queensland Greens have cautiously welcomed the establishment of a scientific committee to advise governments and the public on the impact of the coal seam gas and mining industries on our underground water resources.

‘In light of the reckless enthusiasm the Queensland Government has demonstrated for this industry to date, a more independent source of scientific advice is to be welcomed,’ said Greens candidate for Mt Coot-tha, Adam Stone.

‘That the old parties have reacted to this announcement by expressing concern about red tape and a federal power grab speaks volumes of how far they have drifted from any sense of balance or cautious restraint when it comes to mining in Queensland.’

‘We are only talking about scientific advice that will be available to the public and will be taken into account by State Governments.  Nothing new is required from the mining industry, no power is wrested from the States.  This is a very gentle step.’

‘So gentle, in fact, that it will have no affect on any of the CSG activity that has already been approved across Queensland and it leaves the Queensland Government at liberty to completely disregard the scientific committee’s views once it has “taken them into account”.’

‘What hope does Queensland have for a responsible approach to mining when even this level of scientific input constitutes unacceptable meddling and a threat to investment?’ Mr Stone said.

For more information contact Adam Stone 0417 629 852 or by email


Media Release, Queensland Greens 23 November 2011


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