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Streamlining gas approvals: community ignored again

The Queensland Greens have criticised the state government’s streamlining of resource approvals process stating that its relationship with the mining and gas sectors is too close.

‘There has been a community call for a moratorium on coal seam gas development but the state government responded by establishing a government-industry working group to make expansion even easier for industry.

‘Do we need any more proof that this government is too close to the big mining and gas companies?’ Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors said following the government announcement.

‘Polling conducted in August showed that a majority of Queenslanders supported a moratorium and that environmental concerns about csg were shared by LNP and Labor voters alike.

‘Michael Roche from the Queensland Resources Council is cited in Minister Hinchliffe’s press release this afternoon praising the government’s “collaborative approach”.

‘Michael Roche is a former chief of staff to the Labor Treasurer, Keith de Lacey, so he knows state government processes intimately, while farming and environment groups are forced to hold protests to get the minister’s ear.

‘The situation looks no better on the LNP side with Campbell Newman employing the former head of public relations from QGC as adviser.

‘Alan Jones, the Sydney broadcaster, refers to the mining industry as the Queensland Upper House; but with such half-hearted double-speak from the LNP and the close relations between mining industry leaders and the ALP state government they really control government from the inside.

‘The only way Queenslanders are going to get a balanced and responsible approach to mining in this state is to elect minor parties to the state parliament to break the two-party stranglehold.

‘Queensland Greens elected to the state parliament will be able to draw on a wealth of talent and experience from interstate and national Greens MPs.

‘The Greens are the best hope for a sane third force in the Queensland parliament to disrupt the unhealthy business-government relationships that are a feature of the major parties.’


Contact: Libby Connors 0429 487 110

Media release, Queensland Greens
27 October 2011


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