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Upper Hunter Valley coal mining shows dangers for Queensland

Tuesday 13 April 2010 Media Release

Revelations of the likelihood of major health problems caused by coal mining for the 40,000 residents of the Upper Hunter Valley region of New South Wales are a warning for communities in southern Queensland threatened by coal and coal seam gas mining encroaching on agricultural land and residential areas.

The ABC's Four Corners program last night looked at these issues in the Upper Hunter and concluded that the NSW State Government was showing little regard for the health of affected residents who had very probable cause for concern.

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, said many residents of the Darling Downs were facing the same health problems in the years ahead as the State Government persists with its plans to allow coal and coal seam gas mining throughout the region.

‘I have spoken to farmers who are facing the prospect of massive open cut coal mines on their land and residents who will, in all likelihood, be living with over 40,000 gas wells in their area,’ Dr Connors said.

‘I call on the Bligh Government to re-consider their blanket approval of this massive industrialisation of rural southern Queensland, a project that will turn the Darling Downs, including the Condamine flood plain, into an industrial wasteland.

‘The appalling failure of the Queensland mining industry to manage their projects to minimise environmental harm and to rehabilitate sites should make the State Government wary about letting this industry loose in populated areas.’

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