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Why I was arrested at Tara: Don’t forget children involved

Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, was arrested alongside wildlife activist, Bob Irwin, last Tuesday at a protest action outside Queensland Gas Company’s main field operations at Tara.
 Why I was arrested at Tara: Don’t forget children involved

Angus and Seamus, two of the children who live on the Tara Residential Estate, happily joined the protest camp with their dad, Tuesday 12 April 2011.

Here she explains why she committed civil disobedience over this issue.

‘The focus of the blockade that is now in its 32nd day is to stop the pipeline connection to the numerous wells on the estate.

‘Once the pipeline is connected QGC will be able to press ahead with expansion plans and the residents will find their rural haven turned into a fully operational gasfield like the huge Kenya operation right on the doorstep of the estate.

‘They already have leaking wells and bores capable of being set alight.
Expansion into an operational gasfield will bring additional health risks
including increased risk of bushfires on the heavily wooded estate.

‘Residents at the protest on Tuesday gave me descriptions of the bushfire
that swept the estate in 2005.

‘Now any future conflagration will be worsened with methane pipelines
through their properties and under their public roads.

‘The Tara Residential Estate is comprised of 4,000 blocks.

‘Some have absentee landowners so a conservative estimate would indicate between 2,000 and 3,000 families live on the estate.

‘Given current Australian family size that means there could be 500
children living on the estate.

‘Neither they nor their parents deserve the health and environmental risks
that come with life on a gasfield.

‘Despite all the talk of government regulation we are witnessing the
failure of any decent rural planning.

‘I was trying to explain the effects on children as the police closed the
paddy wagon door on me.’

Media contact: Libby Connors 0429 487 110

Queensland Greens Media Release 14th April 2011


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