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Media Release Queensland Greens State Wide Day of Climate Action Mackay.
Media Release Friday 22 July 2011. This weekend Greens members and supporters across Queensland are getting out and engaging with the community to advocate and discuss the recently announced Climate Action Package.
Media Release Queensland Greens State Wide Day of Climate Action.
Friday July 22, 2011. The Queensland Greens will be mobilising across the State this weekend to encourage Queenslanders to do their bit to avert dangerous Climate Change. The Queensland greens have organised a State wide day of action to promote the need for sensible environmental and economic action.
Media Release D source code End of UCG is nigh in Queensland
15 July 2011 - Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters has called for an end to underground coal gasification (UCG) to safeguard rural communities, groundwater and food producing land.
Media Release A welcome breakthrough on climate change
“It was momentous to be sitting at the Greens National Council in Brisbane yesterday as we together watched the unveiling of the carbon price package, Australia’s first step in seriously addressing climate change.” Dr Bayley, Greens Candidate for Ashgrove, said today.
Media Release Octet Stream Japanese Visitors provide first-hand account of the world’s worst nuclear accident at Fukushima
This weekend Australian Greens National Council delegates will be hearing first-hand about the world’s worst nuclear accident from long time Japanese anti-nuclear activists Mr Rikiya Adachi who recently toured the Fukushima area and Ms Namiho Matsumoto who is active in the regional Green Energy No-Nukes Asia Pacific Group.
Media Release CMU raster image Queensland Greens comments on the Strategic Cropping Land Protection Area, Strategic Cropping Management Area and RAS.
Submission to Department of Environment and Resource Management, 29 June 2011.
Media Release Bob Irwin in Ashgrove?
"Concern about coal seam gas is already being given the higher profile it deserves in the electorate of Ashgrove by Bob Irwin's announcement that he is considering running for the seat." said Dr Sandra Bayley Greens candidate for Ashgrove.
Media Release D source code Greens concede Campbell Newman has a point when it comes to the lack of science underpinning policy development in Queensland.
“As a very good case in point, have a look at the Queensland Government’s recently released Regionalisation Strategy”, suggested Dr Bayley, the Greens Candidate for Ashgrove.
Media Release vCalendar interchange file Qld Greens welcome Bob Irwin’s interest in state politics
The Queensland Greens have extended a public welcome to wildlife campaigner Bob Irwin who is considering standing as a candidate in the Queensland state elections due within the next 9 months.
Media Release Troff document Ashgrove: the 3-way contest
The Greens candidate for Ashgrove, Dr Sandra Bayley, was fascinated to hear the announcement by Kate Jones that she will resign from Cabinet to concentrate on the campaign for Ashgrove.
Media Release Resources Council & Greens find something to agree on
Media Release Glaring budget inconsistencies
Media release sent Tuesday 14 June The Queensland Greens said today that the most notable feature of Treasurer Andrew Fraser’s 2011-2012 state budget was its inconsistencies.
Media Release C source code header Noosa Fish Investigation leaves residents in the lurch
The Queensland Greens say that Minister Mulherin’s release of the report on the Noosa Fish Health Investigation Taskforce [NFHIT] on Wednesday is not good news for residents living near farms.
Media Release Govt should not give in to QRC over mine water
The Queensland Greens have urged the Treasurer and the Minister for the Environment to stand firm on the issue of release of contaminated water from 40 central Queensland mines into Queensland rivers and streams.
Media Release C source code header Greens question LNP's focus group approach
Media Statement from Dr Sandra Bayley, Greens Candidate for Ashgrove, 8 June 2011
Media Release Minister should do the health study before making claims about safety
The Queensland Greens say that the results of the state government’s audit of gas wells is a little too convenient for the government and the gas companies.
Media Release Troff document Strategic Cropping Land will not end the conflict
The Queensland Greens say that the state government’s Strategic Cropping Lands Protection Areas are a good start but the overall policy is not going to end resource conflicts.
Media Release Turning of first sod for LNG shows contempt for social licence
The turning of the first sod of soil for Santos’ LNG plant on Curtis Island this morning indicates that the gas companies are ignoring Federal Minister Martin Ferguson’s call for a social licence.
Media Release Major parties are the extremists when it comes to coal and gas
The Queensland Greens have responded to Premier Bligh’s claims that their policies on coal and gas are extremist by pointing out that it is Anna Bligh’s government that has exempted the industry from a host of state legislation.
Media Release D source code Tara landholder removed from well site: Darling Downs residents’ civil rights further curtailed
Sent 23 May A Tara resident who went to witness the gas blow-out at one of Arrow Energy’s gas wells near Dalby has been thrown off the property and told that an exclusion zone has been imposed.

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