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Media Release D source code Gas blowout proves Qld Govt must follow NSW lead
The gas blow-out at one of Arrow Energy’s gas wells near Dalby is further proof that gas wells cannot co-exist with rural residential estates or closely settled farming areas according to the Queensland Greens. The well which exploded up to 100 metres in the air and which is continuing to shoot to 40 metres is on a farmer’s property on the Kogan-Condamine Road.
Media Release x-conference/x-cooltalk Magistrate’s fairness a lesson for Queensland police
18 May Proceedings at the Chinchilla Magistrate’s Court today highlighted the contentious nature of coal seam gas operations in the region.
Media Release Qld Govt stops the “little guy” from competing with the big coal and gas
Sent 13 May 2011 The announcement by Stephen Robertson, Minister for Energy and Water Utilities, that householders installing more than 5 KW solar panels will no longer be eligible for a 44c feed-in tariff is further proof of the Queensland government’s policy confusion over reducing greenhouse gas emissions, according to the Queensland Greens.
Media Release BG Group AGM to vote on political donations
The shareholders of BG Group which is to hold its Annual General Meeting at 11.30am GMT (late this evening Queensland time) in Reading UK, will be asked to vote for a program of political donations.
Media Release C source code Using Coal Funds to Recover from Floods is Ironic
Media release sent 6 May 2011 The Queensland Greens candidate for Ashgrove, Dr Sandra Bayley, says state government spending on the Abbot Point Coal Terminal is locking our state into the 20th Century, rather than constructing for the 21st.
Media Release Removal of bishop a setback for Queensland society
The Queensland Greens have expressed their regret regarding the enforced retirement of William Morris, Bishop of the Catholic diocese of Toowoomba which covers most of southern Queensland.
Media Release Octet Stream May Day Censorship at Chinchilla
Coal seam gas protestors were blocked from entering the Chinchilla Showgrounds to participate in this year's 2011 May Day celebrations, despite having permission from event organisers.
Media Release Minister’s greenhouse gas figures only tell half the story.
The Greens’ candidate for Ashgrove, Dr Sandra Bayley, says the Government has presented only half the story regarding Queensland’s results in the latest national report on greenhouse gas emissions.
Media Release Record turnout for Acland Anzac Day
The Darling Downs township of Acland, now abandoned for a coal mine with the exception of one loyal resident who has refused to sell, had a record turnout for its annual Anzac Day commemoration this year.
Media Release Greens up pressure on Labor and LNP over coal seam gas
The Greens are adding to the pressure on Labor and the LNP over their policies on coal seam gas in the seat of Ashgrove which will be crucial to the next state election.
Media Release Greens to join 20th anniversary of RCIADIC rally
The Queensland Greens will join the rally organised by Brisbane Elder Sam Watson in Queens Park at 11 am Friday 15 April. The rally is to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the handing down of the report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody on 15 April 1991.
Media Release D source code Why I was arrested at Tara: Don’t forget children involved
Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, was arrested alongside wildlife activist, Bob Irwin, last Tuesday at a protest action outside Queensland Gas Company’s main field operations at Tara.
Media Release Hopper demotion a bad sign for LNP mining policy
media release 12 April 11. The sidelining of Ray Hopper from the LNP shadow ministry by Campbell Newman is a clear sign that the LNP will be pursuing a strong pro-coal and coal seam gas mining policy in the lead-up to the next state election.
Media Release Hospitalisation of miners confirms residents’ health concerns
The Queensland Greens’ submissions to the Commission of Inquiry on the Queensland Floods argue that the hospitalisation of more than twenty-four mine workers since March is proof that the state needs regional planning that can exclude mines from Queensland’s flood-prone river systems.
Media Release Queensland Greens call for the sunshine state to become the solar state
The Queensland Greens largely welcome the recommendations of the latest report from the Garnaut Climate Change Review on the electricity sector.
Media Release Drew Hutton arrested at Gas Pipeline blockade
Media Release chemical/x-pdb Newman’s adviser is bad news for rural communities & the environment
The Queensland Greens have warned that the close links between the LNP and the coal seam gas industry will worsen under Campbell Newman’s leadership.
Media Release Govt should announce action on police for 20th anniversary
On the 20th anniversary of the Report of the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, the Queensland Greens have called on the Attorney General and the Minister for Police to tell the people of Queensland what action they intend to take over Crime and Misconduct Commission criticisms of police disciplinary failings.
Media Release Coal, coal seam gas and climate change are the Greens' key issues for an election
If, as expected, Anna Bligh calls an early election, the Greens will be making the failure of both major parties to protect the Queensland environment from the threats of coal, coal seam gas and climate change a major election issue.
Media Release LNP look arrogant over Ashgrove
Media release sent 22 March 2011 Campbell Newman needs to approach the seat of Ashgrove with a little more respect according to Queensland Greens spokesperson Libby Connors.

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