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Media Release text/texmacs Bligh Can’t Cherry-Pick CSG Impacts.
Queensland Premier Anna Bligh has again demonstrated that her allegiance firmly lies with gas companies over primary producers and everyday Queenslanders.
Media Release Greens want science on coal seam gas, not smoke and mirrors
Comparisons between respected climate science and the smoke and mirrors presented by the gas industry are absurd, the Greens said today.
Media Release Coal Seam Gas and Japan's nuclear disaster.
"With the news that Japan has made moves to start replacing its reliance on nuclear power with coal seam gas (LNG) from Queensland, it's a good time to revisit what's actually happening with the stricken nuclear plant at Fukushima," says Jenny Stirling Queensland Greens spokesperson.
Media Release Polling shows why Anna Bligh must take a stronger stand on mining
Anna Bligh could win the next state election and reverse her disastrous stand in the polls if she would just take a more reasonable position on coal and coal seam gas, according to the Queensland Greens.
Media Release image/x-jg Protection of towns a good start
The Premier’s announcement today that urban areas above a population of 1000 residents will be protected from coal and gas exploration leases is a good first step towards protecting Queensland communities from the health and environmental threats posed by these rampant industries, Queensland Greens state spokesperson, Libby Connors, said today.
Media Release Greens invite LNP to work together to properly regulate CSG industry
The Queensland Greens have cautiously welcomed recent comments on the coal seam gas industry by Campbell Newman and Tony Abbott, and invited the LNP to work with the Greens to see the industry properly regulated.
Media Release chemical/x-pdb Campbell’s promises on CSG too vague – we need to see action this parliament
The Queensland Greens has responded to Campbell Newman’s claims that he will boost landholders’ rights in relation to coal seam gas development on their lands.
Media Release D source code Greens welcome Abbott’s coal seam gas stance but moratorium still needed
Australian Greens Senator for Queensland and spokesperson on mining Larissa Waters has welcomed Tony Abbott’s support on giving farmers rights to refuse coal seam gas mining on their land, but a moratorium on coal seam gas is still needed. “It’s high time the coalition backed the farmers, who have no legal rights to refuse mining companies access to their farms,” said Senator Waters. “However, promising to redress the lack of landholder rights does not solve the environmental problems with coal seam gas mining.”
Media Release application/x-troff-me Reef in moderate condition, but greatest danger yet to come
A government report into the water quality of the Great Barrier Reef released last night contains some encouraging news, but the unique reef ecosystem is about to come under further pressure from coal and coal seam gas industries, Greens Senator Larissa Waters said.
Media Release Protect Reef and marine wildlife by suspending CSG approvals: Greens
Following a visit to Gladstone, Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters has called on federal environment minister Tony Burke to suspend and reconsider his approvals for massive dredging for three LNG plants on Gladstone’s Curtis Island, within the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area.
Media Release CSG companies hid evidence of water contamination for 25 years
The Queensland Greens state that disturbing evidence from the United States today about the thirty year legacy of oil and gas drilling there has many lessons for Queensland.
Media Release TeX document Greens welcome belated commencement of ban on coal seam gas chemicals (BTEX)
8 August 2011 - The Greens have welcome the belated commencement of the Queensland Government’s ‘ban’ on BTEX*, the carcinogenic chemical cocktail used in hydraulic fracturing during coal seam gas mining.
Media Release Greens welcome NSW coal seam gas inquiry
6 August 2011 - Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters has welcomed the announcement that the NSW Legislative Council will conduct an inquiry into the coal seam gas industry.
Media Release APPEA get it wrong again: We need a moratorium, Premier
Queensland Greens spokesperson, Dr Libby Connors, says that the Australian Association of Petroleum Producers and Explorers has been caught out using misleading spin in two media stories this morning and that the scientific uncertainty about aquifer and health data adds to the need for a moratorium on coal seam gas development in Queensland.
Media Release Put Reef ahead of mining profits: Greens
5 August 2011 - The federal government needs to put the Great Barrier Reef ahead of mining profits, following UNESCO's criticism of the Australian Government for approving liquefied natural gas processing on the doorstop of the Great Barrier Reef which could threaten its Overall Universal Value.
Media Release Greens state candidate response to Courier Mail editorial 01.08.2011
In his editorial on 1 August on the crisis in Somalia, Mike O'Connor concludes that Greens policy is 'hatched in an ideological cocoon' because GM foods have been used to feed the hungry in the Horn of Africa.
Media Release Toxic BTEX still allowed in CSG mining
State laws limiting the use of toxic BTEX* chemicals in coal seam gas mining have still not taken effect**, despite being passed by Queensland Parliament in October 2010.
Media Release Haskell source code Stop blaming the floods for dugong deaths
The Queensland Greens expressed scepticism today about the state government’s claim that the summer floods were to blame for the rising death toll of marine life in Gladstone harbour.
Media Release Qld Govt must follow NSW lead on extended moratorium
Premier Bligh should listen to her conservative counterpart in New South Wales if she wants to restore her popularity, according to the Queensland Greens.
Media Release chemical/x-hin The paint on the Green Door Policy appears rather thin
The Queensland Government this week released their Green Door Policy. This policy is purported to be about fast-tracking sustainable development that meets certain criteria. On the face of it this sounds great and something the Greens would support.

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