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The Queensland Greens believe that:

  1. Older people have the right to live with dignity.

  1. The skills and life experience of older people benefit the whole community.

  2. Older people have an equal right to participate in the social, economic and political aspects of life and to maintain their independence to what ever degree they feel able.

  3. All older Australians are entitled to a decent income.

  4. The state government must play a central role in the provision, regulation and support of aged care services.

  5. Access to high quality, appropriate health and aged care services should be on the basis of need and not the ability to pay or the place of residence.



The Queensland Greens want:

  1. A decent income for all older people.

  2. A range of affordable and secure accommodation options, including public sector housing, to be available for all older people, including those in regional and rural Australia.

  1. A high quality aged care system characterized by high quality support, nursing and personal care, with safe and comfortable surroundings for older people whether in residential, home or hospital care.

  1. Appropriate support services, including home modification, for older people who choose to remain in their own homes, the home of family or friends, and within their own neighborhood.

  2. To increase the opportunity for older people to participate in the workforce

  3. To ensure the mobility of older people to participate in the community and freely access support services

  4. To assist older people to participate in programs addressing climate change and sustainability


The Queensland Greens will:

  1. Establish a Department for Seniors to bring together functions spread across many departments.

  2. Coordinate State Departments to facilitate urban hubs that include seniors. Providing innovative, affordable accommodation, support services and functional transport.

  3. Address concessions that have not kept up with CPI.

  4. Improve respite services to Carers.

  5. Improve existing community care programs aimed at supporting older people in their own homes.

  6. Increase the number of places for aged care and retirement living.

  7. Increase funding to enhance the numbers, skills and salaries of community health nurses and workers in the aged care sector. The aim being to reduce the incidence of 'emergency' care

  1. Ensure that appropriate aged care services are provided for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

  2. Provide free public transport to Government Seniors and Government Concession card holders

  3. Develop programmes to address ageist workplace practices to increase workplace participation

  4. Identify areas where low income self-funded retirees can be assisted to reduce their drawdown of funding capital in the current global conditions

  5. Address transport issues for senior's mobility throughout the community, which includes transport to health services

  6. Develop new and innovative opportunities for seniors to remain active and engaged in their communities. These initiatives should seek to address the key risk factors for social isolation

  7. Provide Pensioner Concession Card and Commonwealth Seniors Health Card holders with an exemption from stamp duty when downsizing their homes (with the exemption threshold indexed to median house & unit prices).

  8. Expand the scope of the Queensland Housing Affordability Strategy to include an emphasis on current and future demand in the context of population ageing. In particular, the strategy should seek to ensure:

    • a suitable proportion of affordable housing is appropriate to the needs of older residents and is located in close proximity to a range of services, transport and recreational facilities; and

    • assistance is provided to seniors needing to make renovations that will allow them to age in their own homes

  9. The Greens believe that we need to ease the financial burden on seniors and help them look after our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We will do this by:

    • Providing free rainwater tanks and cheap water efficient appliances and fittings to our seniors to help them save water and save on their water bills
    • Providing free solar panels to seniors to reduce greenhouse emissions and help them save on their power bills.

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